In my eye, my father is so adorable, because he can give me advices and help me to make the best decision. My father experienced a lot. When he graduated from college, his first job was to work in the office, then he found life was boring to sit in the office all the day, so he decided to quit and then started his trip to many places. My father had been traveled to many places, he opened his vision and then went back home to find another job he liked. When he met my mother, he thought it was time to settle down. I was so interested in his life experience, I couldn’t help thinking what if I go with him. I must will meet many new persons and then see the beautiful scenery. I want to live as my father, when the time comes, I will travel too. 
在我眼里,我的父亲是如此的可敬,因为他能给我建议和帮助我做出最好的决定。我父亲经历了很多。当他从大学毕业时,他的第一份工作是在办公室里工作,然后他发现生活是多么的无聊,整天坐在办公室里,所以他决定辞职,然后开始他去很多地方。我父亲已经去过很多地方,他开阔了视野,然后回到家找到另一个他喜欢的工作。当他遇见了我母亲,他认为是时候安定下来。我对他的生活经验很感兴趣, 忍不住想如果我和他一起去会怎么样。我一定会遇到很多不认识的人,然后看到美丽的风景。我想像我父亲那样活着,当时机成熟的时候,我也会去旅游。

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