"Because I want to use a filter, I downloaded a retouching App software, the software page shows' seven days free trial, automatic renewal of 98 yuan when it expires, can be canceled at any time '." "I thought it would be free for seven days and no charge for cancellation, but I was directly charged 98 yuan for a year's membership." Ms. Wu of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, recently encountered such a bad thing, "What is this called a free trial, which is clearly 7 days for buying a year membership."



Wu felt cheated, so she immediately contacted the App's customer service, hoping to apply for a refund. However, customer service refused her request for a refund because she had already used the App. Disappointed by the experience, Wu fumed: "I will never believe in such so-called free trials again. They are just merchants playing with words."



Nowadays, marketing methods such as "7-day free trial" and "1-yuan for 7 days" have become an important means for many apps to attract users. The reporter's investigation found that consumers who fall into the trap of App "free trial" and "low price enjoyment" like Ms. Wu are not alone. Some consumers, after clicking on the free trial, were ordered a monthly or annual package by default. There are also consumers in the low-price trial, who found that the renewal price is much higher than the advertised low price, and continued is a high-priced package.



In response to such incidents, the experts interviewed said that to rectify the chaos of the app's "free trial" and "low price enjoyment", the a need for joint efforts. In this regard, they suggested that more concrete and feasible implementation rules should be developed to specify the obligations that businesses must meet when providing such services. At the same time, businesses should remind consumers in a prominent and easy-to-understand way to avoid misleading consumers. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen daily supervision and establish convenient and efficient online dispute resolution channels to fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.


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