The Spring Festival, is the beginning of the lunar year, the Spring Festival is another name called the Chinese New Year, is China's most grand, the most lively, the most important of an ancient traditional festival, is also the Chinese unique festival. It is the most concentrated expression of Chinese civilization. Since the Western Han Dynasty, the custom of Spring Festival has continued until today. 



The Spring Festival generally refers to the New Year's Eve and the first day of the first month. But in the folk, the traditional sense of the Spring Festival refers to the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month or the twelfth lunar month 23 or 24 sacrificial stove, until the fifteenth day of the first month, which with New Year's Eve and the first day of the first month for the climax.



How to celebrate this festival, in thousands of years of historical development, formed some relatively fixed customs, many still handed down to the present. During the Spring Festival, the Chinese Han nationality and most ethnic minorities will hold a variety of celebrations. Most of these activities include offering sacrifices to gods and Buddhas, offering sacrifices to ancestors, refreshing the old and praying for a good year. The activity forms are rich and colorful, with strong ethnic characteristics. 



On May 20, 2006, "Spring Festival" folk custom was approved by The State Council to be included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.



There is a legend about the origin of the Spring Festival. In ancient China, there was a monster called "Nian", with long tentacles and a ferocious head. "Nian" years of deep seabed, every New Year's Eve to climb ashore, devour livestock harm human life. Therefore, every New Year's Eve that day, the village village race village people fled to the mountains, in order to avoid the "year" animal injury. 



One New Year's Eve, from outside the village a begging old man. Villagers a panic scene in a hurry, only the village east of an old woman gave the old man some food, and advised him to quickly up the mountain to avoid the "Nian" beast, the old man smiled and said: "mother-in-law if let me stay at home for one night, I will put the 'Nian' beast away." The old woman still continued to persuade, begging the old man smiled without a word. In the middle of the night, "year" beast into the village. It found that the atmosphere of the village is different from previous years: the east of the village, the wife's husband's home, the door paste big red paper, the house candle light. "Nian" beast body a shake, a strange cry. Nearly the door, hospital suddenly spread "banging spluttered" Fried sound, "nian" shuddered, again dare not go up. It turned out that Nian was most afraid of red, fire and explosion. At this time, the door of the mother-in-law opened, I saw a hospital wearing a red robe in the old man laughed. "Year" be frightened and frightened, panic fled. The second day is the first day of the first month, the people who came back to see the village safe and sound very surprised. At this time, the old woman suddenly saw the light and hastened to tell the villagers the promise of the begging old man. This matter soon spread around the village, people know the drive "Nian" beast way.

有一年除夕,从村外来了个乞讨的老人。乡亲们一片匆忙恐慌景象,只有村东头一位老婆婆给了老人些食物,并劝他快上山躲避“年”兽,那老人捋笑道: “婆婆若让我在家呆一夜,我一定把'年’兽撵走。”老婆婆仍然继续劝说,乞讨老人笑而不语。 半夜时分,“年”兽闯进村。它发现村里气氛与往年不同:村东头老婆婆家,门贴大红纸,屋内烛火通明。“年”兽浑身一抖,怪叫了一声。将近门口时,院内突然传来“砰砰啪啪”的炸响声,“年”浑身战栗,再不敢往前凑了。原来"年”最怕红色、火光和炸响。这时,婆婆的家门大开,只见院内一位身披红袍的老人在哈哈大笑。“年”大惊失色,狼狈逃蹿了。第二天是正月初一,避难回来的人们见村里安然无恙十分惊奇。这时,老婆婆才恍然大悟,赶忙向乡亲们述说了乞讨老人的许诺。这件事很快在周围村里传开了,人们都知道了驱赶“年”兽的办法。


From now on every New Year's Eve, every family stick red couplets, set off firecrackers, every household candle light, keep more to stay. Early in the morning, but also walk friends Daoxi greetings. This custom spread more and more widely, and became the most solemn traditional festival of Chinese folk.




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