During the recent years, countless small businesses have dosed their doors and gone bankrupt. The corner grocer's,the small dress shop, the beauty salon, all are victims of market competition. Most of them are replaced by other small businesses that temporarily fill the needs of the neighbourhood but frequently end up, sharing the same fate of dissolution.More often, the market served by small businesses is taken over by large stores and shops. Businesses like the corner groceries and the dress shops have gone to big department stores and supermarkets, which not only keep adequate store and variety, but also provide better environment and service.


Apparently, it is increasingly difficult for small businesses to succeed in the present complex economic structure based, as it is, on small profit margins and tremendous sales volume. Lack of enough fund and poor management may be the chief cause of this tragedy. In addition, the quality of their commodities often causes suspicion of the customers as many small businesses are found to sell fake products for more profit, thus earning themselves an evil reputation. As to shopping environment and convenient service,they are unmentionable. All of the above speed up their bankruptcy.


Today, with the establishment of more and more groups and big corporations, how small businesses can survive in the tide of the market competitive economy has become a hot social issue.


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