I hesitate for a moment after writing down the title of this article, because I've no idea where to start this story. My girl friend definitely can not be described by only a few words. Some times she turns to me and asks "Why do you love me?" I am always stuck at that moment and then after a minute or two utter a few words "Because you're so good." I know my vague answer never satisfies her. But how can I reply otherwise?


Yes, she's so good. There're numerous examples I can cite to illustrate her tenderness, delicacy, warmth and her genuine love for me. A call on the cold winter night, a surprising birthday gift, a pair of gloves that warm up not only my hands, so many times has my heart melted into a sentiment called "being moved".


I'm not a good tempered guy. However, my girlfriend never loses her temper whenever I am not in a good mood or even say sharp words to her. At that time, she'd look at me with great care and touch my hands with hers to calm me down.That's her graceful manner to show her deepest concern.


I have never written a love letter to her though I've received many from my dearest girlfriend. It's not that I'm unwilling to compose one, but that I find it impossible to convey my feelings to her with written words. We've been in love for more than one year. But if once more asked to give reasons why I love her, I guess I'd still say because she's so good.


I can't further this generalized answer into details because it takes me lifetime to do so.


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