Everyone must work to live, but many people are fortunate enough to make more money than they immediately need. What should they do with this extra income? While it is tempting for people to spend it all on things they desire, I believe it is better to save at least a portion of the extra income for the future.

  By saving money, people give themselves more security. They cannot predict the future; perhaps one day they will be jobless. At a time like this their savings can spare them a great deal of suffering and help to see them through the hard time. In addition, saving money allows people to build up a larger sum. They can then buy something more worthwhile than the small things they can but if they spend the money right away. For example, they may be able to buy a house with their savings. Finally, he practice of saving helps people develop the habit of setting goals and planning for their future. In this way they are bound to lead more meaningful and successful lives.

  Most people would like to enjoy their money immediately. Nobody likes to wait for the things that he wants. However, if we learn to save our money, we cangain more advantages in the future. We will lead more secure and, thus, happier lives. We will also be able to buy the things we truly want but cannot afford right now.






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