Firstly, Legal bottom line. In the reality life, everyone should understand law, abide law, enforce law, take the fact as the basis, and take the law as the criterion. The Internet is a virtual space with concealing, but also need to abide the relevant laws and regulations.


Secondly, the bottom line of socialist system. China is a socialist country, which is the result of history and the people's choice.


Thirdly, the bottom line of state interest. As a citizen of the People’s Republic, when we are using the Internet, we have to adhere to the bottom line of state interest. The Internet has no national boundaries, but users have borders.


Fourthly, the bottom line of citizens’ legitimate rights and interests. Scientific outlook on development emphasis on people-oriented, emphasize that in the era of paying much attention to human rights, we have to pay attention to the protection of our legitimate rights and interests, but also not damage others legitimate rights and interests when using the Internet.


Fifthly, the bottom line of social public order. We all hope that the social public order in good order and well arranged, so people should not do the thing result in disordered social public order, such as spread rumors, violence, and pornography. This negative energy should be resolutely stopped.


The sixthly, moral bottom line. when using the Internet, people have to abide by the basic moral.


Seventhly, the bottom line of information authenticity. For information, the most taboo is false information.


All the people use the Internet should comply with the seven bottom line. Creating the civilization of the Internet cannot without the seven bottom lines.


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