Universal Music Group, which record company Vanness Wu belongs to issues a statement, “Vanness Wu and his girlfriend Arissa Cheo propose marriage application on August 9th, 2013 according to Singapore law.


Vanness Wu also announced the good news in his micro-blog: "I am impulse! God bless you. Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo have proposed marriage application on August 9th, 2013 according to Singapore law. We hope to share happiness to all friends, and also hope blessings back from all over the world."

吴建豪也在微博上公布了喜讯:“我冲动了!神祝福大家Godbless。吴建豪(VanNessWu)与石贞善(Arissa Cheo)已于2013年8月9日按新加坡法律提出结婚申请,两人希望把幸福分享给所有的朋友们,也盼各界给予祝福。”

According to reveal, Arissa Cheo is the daughter of a rich and powerful family in Singapore. She once works in Taiwan, taking the idol drama with Li Wei, but her star road is not smooth. They break up after dating for a short time in 2006 because Arissa Cheo goes to the United States for study. Their love appeared again in 2010, and Vanness Wu also admits that they are dating generous. In August 2nd, Vanness Wu said in an interview that he has marriage plan, "I hope when the time is appropriate, everyone is ready and then I will tell everyone."


It is reported that the song "small wedding" in Vanness Wu's new album is created for his girlfriend.


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