The 85 year old grandpa Wang is retired as colonel. He gets married with his 69 year old wife for 50 years with very deep emotion.


Unexpectedly, both of them suffer from dementia successively. Their family is busy working during the day time, so they send them to the old hospital center. The two old people receive care and rehabilitation in the day time and then 


go home at night.

Surprisingly, although the disease has taken away their health and memory, their deep love for decades won’t be taken away. Both of them forget everything, but still recognize each other's face, and always look for each other's figure.


When walk outside, the couple is always holding hands. Grandpa Wang will chase others to ask where his wife is as long as he doesn’t see her for a while. The medical care personnel will immediately take her in front of him. If he doesn’t see his wife more than a minute, he will be anxious.


But the grandma is very happy every day, whose illness is more serious. She likes dress in red telling the people around,” I am going to get married.” Nursing staff ask her who she is going to marry. She will tell the name of grandpa Wang.  It seems that her memory is back to the girl, staying in the happy time forever that she will marry grandpa Wang.


The Taiwan old couple grandpa Wang and Grandma Wang both are dementia, but they will remember each other even they forget all the world. They don’t want to apart for a moment, which is touching.


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