Beijing time, in the early morning of August 5th, Sun Yang defend title successfully with the score of 14 points 41 seconds 15 in 2013 swimming world championships men's 1500 meter freestyle finals. This is the third gold medal in this tournament for Sun Yang as well as the fifth goal of China’s swimming, which is slower 10 second 13 than the result of the London Olympic Games when Sun Yang achieves the champion.  Sun Yang uses the score of his fifth goal in his career life to tie with the medal record that Luo Xuejuan keeps in the Chinese swimmer World Championship. He also becomes the person after Hackett in the 2005 Montreal World Championships and a single tournament winning the gold medal of “the king of long distance " in men’s 400, 800 and 1500 meter freestyle.

北京时间8月5日凌晨,2013年游泳世锦赛男子1500米自由泳决赛,孙杨以14分41秒15的成绩赢得金牌成功卫冕,这是孙杨本届赛事第三枚金牌,也是中国泳军收获的第五金,这一成绩比伦敦奥运会夺冠时慢了10秒13。 孙杨也以生涯五枚金牌的成绩,追平罗雪娟保持的中国游泳选手世锦赛夺金纪录,并且成为继哈克特在2005年蒙特利尔世锦赛后,又一位单届赛事包揽男子400、800和1500米自由泳金牌的“中长距离之王”!

At the same time, Sun Yang won the best male athlete of the year, and the only 16 years old America Ledki wins the best female athlete. In addition, China ranked the second with 14 gold medals.


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