Jane Austen will become the third female historical figures’ portrait to be printed on the pound note since 1970. The Bank of England announced in April this year, the British Prime Minister Churchill in the wartime will replace the nineteenth Century female social reformer Frei in 2016, becoming the 5 pound notes portrait, which means that the female portrait on the pound note is only Queen Elizabeth II of England. This leads much dissatisfaction to female advocates.


The British journalist Peres earlier launched an online petition that asked the England bank choose female as the new portrait on the pound note, which receiving 35000 people responses. Peres said, this victory is the result of joint action, and criticized the Bank of England tried to will sweep women out of the British history. Carney, the new governor of the Bank of England stressed that their bank has no intention to exclude women from the bill portrait candidate, and said Jane Austen deserves to place a position in the pound note.


Jane Austenwas born in 1775, who is one of the most popular writers. Her novel is famous for satiring British aristocrat by funny technique, and describing the women at that time facing difficulties.


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