The Canadian rock singer Avril completed her wedding ceremony with her fiancé,Chad Kroeger who is the lead singer of Nickelback in a castle in southern France of the local time July 1st. Avril continued her usual personal independence of conduct style. She didn’t wear the traditional white wedding, but chose a black gown, which was full of rock and roll style.


The wedding started from Saturday of the local time, lasting from three days. the wedding party was held in the Mandelieu La Napoule south France. This was the twenty-eightyears old Avril's second marriage. Her present husband was Chad Kroeger at the age of thirty-eight at 38, who was the lead singer of Nickelback.

此番婚礼从当地时间周六开始,为期三天,婚礼派对的举办地是位于法国南部的Mandelieu la Napoule城堡。这已是28岁的艾薇儿的第二段婚姻,现任丈夫38岁的查德·克罗格是加拿大著名乐队五分钱的主唱。

Now Avril is not only a rock singer, she also has her own fashion brand, operating several charitable funds to give fund to those people in poor health, even disabled children


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