There are four people in my family. They are my parents, my little brother and I. My mother can cook all kinds of delicious food and my father is a humorous person, as he likes to play jokes. My little brother always play trick on me, but I will fight back. It is fun for both of us. I love my families, because they are the most lovely persons. 我家有四口人,我的父母,我的弟弟和我。我的母亲烧得各种各样美味的食物,我的父亲则是一个幽默的人,他喜欢开玩笑。我的弟弟总是爱捉弄我,不过我会反击。我们两个都觉得这样很好玩。我爱我的家人,他们是最可爱的人。
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