These days I don't feel quite well.I have lost my appetite for any food.During the day I often feel dizzy,and at night I suffer from insomnis accompanied by headache.To make things still worse,I am easy to catch cold,which gives me a sore throat and gets me constantly sneezing and coughing.
       Yesterday I went to the hospital of our university to see a doctor.The doctor gave me a thorough examination after I told him all my symptoms.He listened to my chest with a stethoscope.Then he asked me to lie down to feel and touch my stomach.After that be measured my blood pressure and asked me to get my lungs X-rayed.
       When all these finished,the doctor made a diagnosis about my case and told me about it:
"Well,there is nothing the matter with you.Your heart,lungs and liver are all right,but you are rather rundown.You have been working too hard.You know you can't burn the candle at both ends.I advise you to have a real rest and take some physical exercise."
       With a relief I left the hospital,thinking how to follow the doctor's advice in order to have a quick recovery.

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