One morning,I got up very early,and everything around was very quiet.I decided to go to the park for a change.Having had my breakfast in a hurry,I left for the park at half past five.The streets were almost deserted except for a few pedestrians.Without the usual crowds and traffic,everything was strangely quiet.
     When I arrived at the park,I found,to my surprise,that there were so many people there.Some were running,and some were doing morning exercise.Others were playing badminton.The air was cool and enjoyable and the atmosphere warm and cheerful.
     At eight,I left the park and began walking home,feeling much refreshed and energetic.The old English saying suddenly crept into my mind"Early to bed and early to rise,makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise".Certainly I was not much wealthier for that,but I was fully convinced that taking early morning walks makes a man healthy and wise.

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