The role of confidence is very powerful, it can cover the imperfect appearance, can enhance their temperament, can let people have a smooth state of mind...... Speaking of confidence, it reminds me of a movie.


The protagonist of the film is a plain looking, some fat woman, she is very hard to go to the gym every day to lose weight, hoping to improve their external beauty through weight loss. However, exercise requires persistence, and the woman soon became tired of this kind of persistence. She began to feel incapable. When she was riding a bike, she lost her mind and fell off the bike by accident, and fell to her brain.


Delusional women began applying for front-office jobs at high-end cosmetics companies, walking confidently into interviews. In the eyes of others, she is so bloated and ordinary, but in her perspective, she is a hot body beauty. This confidence easily led to the woman's success in the receptionist position, and her life became better and better because of her confidence. She got a decent job, a boyfriend she liked, and was appreciated by the leader.


Once, the leader invited her to work together at the new product release conference. This kind of opportunity to show her face was very important to the woman. Just a few days before the press conference, the woman fell down accidentally and her illusion disappeared. Looking at herself in the mirror, she began to feel inferior. In the face of work, she was no longer positive. Everything seemed to go back to the starting point, on the day of the conference, the woman chose to escape, but the kind boyfriend persuaded the woman, the woman understood that self-confidence changed herself, changed her life, she returned to the venue, she stood on the stage combined with her own experience to deliver a monologue from the heart, from inferiority to confidence, she did it. Her speech also galvanized the women in the audience...... At this point, the film ends.


In fact, we all know that confidence will make you better, but in the face of ordinary themselves will always inexplicably feel timid and inferior. If you have other ideas about your life in your heart, please don't be shy. Life will not turn out the way you want it to. It needs your concentration, your confidence, and your power to change it. Remember, a life with a goal and a plan is the beginning of our struggle, and confidence is the feedback life gives us, use it to create the life you want!


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