We often sigh at life, sometimes smooth all the way, sometimes all the way bumps and bruises, but as a new youth, a person just entering the society, our life should not be limited in the discipline of parents and school constraints, more should understand a truth: my life, I do not decide who is in charge.


In just a few decades of our lives, we experience the impact of different things. At home, parents teach us how to be a man; In school, we are taught how to perceive the world; In society, work teaches us how to see the world anew...... We go through life in seemingly changing circles, but our minds are imprisoned.


Life can be wonderful or dark, depending on whether our minds are on the right track. In the face of life can be very positive, life must be very wonderful, and in the face of life without hope, life will be dark. Although this metaphor is very general, but we have to admit that the attitude of life determines the development of life, in order to live a wonderful life, only seriously live the present life to see the future.


The difficulties encountered in this life are only so, if your life is in a low state, try to change the idea, change the direction, do not be discouraged, and try to live out their own is a kind of resistance to this unfair world!

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