There are many turning points in our life, one is from our sensible beginning, one is from our school beginning, one is we enter the society...... At the age of 20, we may still snuggle in the arms of our parents, or have stepped into the society and started our own life, our own life. Here are 3 tips to make a difference in your 20s.



On Constant Worrying


As for constant worry, if you spend less time worrying about options you don't have and create alternatives, you'll feel a lot better. For example, are you worried about moving to a new city before you've even started applying for a new job? Channel that energy into applying for a job or preparing for an interview.



On Wanting to Have It All


As we all know, people's selfish desire is infinite, all good things to get it, have it, but give it up, when you find that you have everything you want, look back, whether we find that we discard something for this. The question about having it all shouldn't be, "Can you have it all?" "But" Can you have what's important to you?" "The answer is yes, if you prioritize and don't live by other people's expectations. Because everyone's life has a list of things they think they should be doing. Some people try to get more time to do those things, while others try to shorten the list to just the core things.



On Surrounding Yourself With Other Women


When we go to school, our social life also begins. Classmates and friends become important bonds in the rest of your life, and whether these feelings are correct depends on how you deal with the relationships between them. As the saying goes, we are easily influenced by the words and actions of our peers, and everything they say or do to us will influence your decisions. But if you can take a sensible look at the things they say and do, and distance yourself from them on some level, you will see how much power you have over yourself.



Getting used to being in your 20s is a process of adjustment, but it's just the beginning. There's so much more to come. But the ultimate advice is to take control of yourself, not to follow others.


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