How to Succeed in a Job Interview?

     Everyone wants to get a good and highly-paid job, however, that is not so easy, fur one thing, there are maybe many other candidates competing fur the job, fur another, one have to pass through stone tough phases hefure getting the job, among which interview is an important one.    Interview is the meeting between job applicants and the personnel directors of a company. During the meeting,the company tries to get some information about applicants' educational background, working experience, personal desire and personal qualities. Meanwhile,the company may offer stone information about the company and a certain post. Interview is quite important, from the interview, the personnel director can make judgement whether the applicant is the right person or not.    If one wants to get a jab, he must make sure his jab interview is a successful one. How can one ensure the success of interview? First, the applicant should show confidence, confidence can convince the interviewer, the interviewee can overcome the passible difficulties in his future work. Secondly,the interviewee should be honest, if the sign of dishonesty was noticed, the interviewee will surely lose the opportunity, as no one wants to employ a person who is not reliable. Thlrdly,the applicants should show the interviewer that he is quite knawledgeable and can perform the duty perfectly.
    If one can behave as what I suggested, his chance of getting post will be very high.

内容:如何面试成功?1。面试在求职过程中的作用2。取得面试成功的因素:仪表,举止谈吐,能力,专业知识,自信,实事求是... ...每个人都希望获得良好的和高度高薪的工作,但是,这不是那么容易,毛皮一件事,也许有许多相互竞争的毛皮工作,毛皮另外其他候选人,一要通过艰苦阶段hefure石自己的工作,其中面试是一个重要的。面试是求职者之间的公司和人员的董事会议。会议期间,该公司试图得到一些申请人的教育背景资料,工作经验,个人愿望和个人素质。与此同时,该公司可以提供有关该公司的石材和一定职位的信息。面试是非常重要的访问,人事主管可以判断申请人是否是正确的人或没有。如果要得到一个山,他必须确保他山采访是一次成功的。如何才能确保面试成功?首先,申请人应表现出信心,信心可以说服面试,面试者能够克服在今后的工作中passible困难。第二,面试者应该诚实,如果不诚实的标志是发现,受访者肯定会失去机会,因为没有人愿意雇用的人谁是不可靠的。 Thlrdly,申请人应显示采访时说,他很knawledgeable,可以完全履行职责。如果一个人的行为,正如我所说,他获得职位的机会将会很高。



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