Our life is full of surprises, both positive and negative. But in this world, the identity of the vast majority of people is just an ordinary person, they do not have a strong capital accumulation, do not have a strong background identity, in the face of this twists and turns and full of real life, negative emotions naturally filled most of our time, let's take steps to banish some of the most common negative thoughts many of us repeat to ourselves. Being in a negative space is harmful to our overall well-being because what you dwell on can easily become self-fulfilling if you don't change your mindset.


1. I’m not good enough.


This type of negative thought can apply to many categories. Maybe you don't think you're a good enough mother or good at a sport. Even if you find yourself lacking in something, there's no need to keep repeating it to yourself. The human brain is an incredible thing. Be inspired by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a Harvard-trained neuroscientist who suffered a stroke that left her unable to walk, read, write, talk, or remember her previous life. Dr. Taylor took eight years to recover and has since then written a best-selling book about her experience and appeared on Oprah. Keep on working toward something, and watch the leaps and bounds you'll make.



2. No one cares about me.


To accurately say that your family and friends don't care about you would be a very rare situation. Maybe you're being too negative and overlooking the gestures of love they show you. They don't even have to be big gestures, but it's the little things they do for you that count. And people may be reacting to the energy you're putting out; perhaps you think they don't care about you so you don't make any effort in your relationships. Start showing people you care, so they can show you back in kind. And if you don't have good relationships with the people you know, what's stopping you from making new friends?



3. I dislike this person.


If you dislike a person in your work or personal life, focusing on her bad qualities is not going to make things better. You need to let go of your assumptions about her and know that she is human too, which means she makes mistakes. Either you move on and stop thinking and talking about her, or learn to approach her or positively think about her. Focus on her good qualities, and repeat them to yourself instead of honing in on the unpleasant things.



4. Why is she better off?


Comparing yourself to someone else is never productive or positive. There's always going to be someone younger, prettier, smarter, or richer than you. If you keep coveting what someone else has, then this may cause you to be resentful of them, which will open a whole other negative can of worms. Remember, what they don't have is your whole package. Be appreciative of what you have, because if you want to play the comparison game, remember that there are people who are also worse off than you are.



5. I’ll never reach my goal.


If you think you're not going to be able "get there," think again. Many people are worse off and have overcome bigger obstacles than what you are facing. Take, for example, Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius, an amputee who overcame his handicap to compete in the Olympics against his able-bodied peers. Everything is within your reach as long as you work hard and have a positive attitude.



Life is a challenge, we need to find a way of our own in this chaotic society, out of the negative haze, embrace the good hope ~


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