The world is but a canvas to the imagination.

                                  ——Henry David Thoreau     


    Creativity is not,as some would have us believed,something to be taken lightly.More than painting pictures or composing original music—creativity could rightly be considered a healing force for societies overwhelmed by the ongoing utilitarian struggles of humanity.Call it a cure for depression,an escape from working—class drudgery,catharsis for the stress and worry that accumulates within us all.Or just call it a fun and productive way to wile away an afternoon.


    But the spark of creativity is not always easily lit.As children,our creative zeal is generally encouraged and allowed to thrive,but as we move into adulthood that zeal tends to atrophy from neglect.Other things take over our lives,such as hectic career schedules and increased social pressure to achieve "status".According to Elisabeth Keating inPieces of Beauty,this is an unhealthy trend spawned from an overly materialistic culture.She gose on to detail the spiritual benefits of a more creative life.     


    Tongue in cheek,Melvin Durai exposes creativity from a more "everyday" and practical angle in his humorous piece,Let the Beer Come to You.Not only have great minds invented personal computers and cell phone technology,they might also bless us with beertossing refrigerators and couches that spit out lost remote controls.

Melvin Durai在用他的诙谐作品《让啤酒来到你的身边》开玩笑似的从日常和实践的角度剖析创造性。

    Clearly,the expression of artistic creativity throughout history has been just a instrumental in improving the human condition as any business venture or economic boom.Without it there would be no great works of art to enjoy and puzzle over,no songs to sing badly in the shower,no ho new fashion trends,no novels to read.I ask you,is that the sort of world you want to live in?


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