Seeing the title, a story that happened two years ago comes up to my mind. It was the first year of my college life, when I lived with my three classmates——my three "brothers". But in the beginning, the relationship was of a polite instead of an intimate kind, because of our different interests and backgrounds.
    One night, when I was homesick and could not fall asleep, I heard Wang Tao, who was sleeping on the bed beside mine, was mourning with pain. At that time, I thought nothing of pride and self-reliance, but got up and had myself dressed immediately. Asking him what was wrong, I came to know that he had got a headache. I touched his forehead: it was terribly hot. There was no time to lose, so I woke up the other two roommates. When we helped Wang Tao to go to the hospital at our university,we three were all out of breath. However, when the doctor told us that Wang Tao was safe and feeling nmch better, we were quite relieved and smiled at each other heartily.
    Thereafter, we four roommates became more like four brothers; and now our room is often filled with laughter. We unite just like one man. Our world is full of love.


看到标题,一个故事,是两年前的事来了心头。这是我大学生活的第一年,我和我的三位同学的生活 - 我的三个“兄弟”。但在一开始,这种关系是一而不是一个亲密的一种礼貌,因为我们的不同利益和背景。



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