A long time ago, in ancient China, there is a beautiful legend about the story of Chang 'e flying to the moon. The story began in a quiet village where a handsome and kind young man, Houyi, lived. Houyi had a beautiful wife, Chang 'e, whose beauty, intelligence and kindness made everyone adore her.



The story takes place at a special time when ten SUNS appeared in the sky, and the hot sunlight made it impossible for people to live. Houyi was an excellent archer, and he decided to use his bravery and skill to save the village. He pulled back his bowstring and shot down nine SUNS one by one, making the sky bright and pleasant.



The people in the village were grateful to Houyi, but he was not proud of his achievements. On the contrary, he knew that these SUNS were not only the hope of the village, but also the wealth of the people. So he gave the remaining sun to the village elder, who placed it in a golden casket to protect its power.



Unfortunately, however, Houyi's enemy, an evil bandit, learned the news about the sun in the golden box. He wanted to take the power of the sun, so he sneaked into the village. Chang 'e discovers his plot and she decides to play the hero and protect the power of the sun.



On a cold moonlit night, when the robber entered the village, Chang 'e met him and bravely stood in front of him. She fought him with a sharp dagger and finally fought him off. But in the course of the battle, Chang 'e was seriously injured.



The elders were deeply moved by Chang 'e's courage and sacrifice, and they realized that Chang 'e could no longer stay on earth. The elders decided to send Chang 'e to Chang 'e Palace, a fairyland on the moon where immortal beings and divine beasts lived.



On a clear night, a waxing crescent appears brightly in front of people. She told everyone that she was leaving, but that she would always protect people. Chang 'e took off into the night sky and became a beautiful fairy with different powers.



Chang 'e's palace is located in the center of the bright moon, and she becomes the bright star that people gaze at at night. People in the village commemorate Chang 'e on the Mid-Autumn Festival every year. They make mooncakes, light colorful lanterns, and look up at the night sky in honor of Chang 'e.



Since then, people have held Mid-Autumn Festival every year to celebrate Chang 'e's courage and selfless spirit of dedication. They believe that when they look at the bright moon, they can get the blessing of Chang 'e. This is a beautiful legend that has been passed down for thousands of years, it teaches us to learn to cherish, brave and selfless heroic spirit, and pass it on to future generations.


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