Plastic bags have found their way into a wide area of everyday life. They are applied in big supermarkets, ordinary shops, small stores and street markets. People put in plastic bags everything they buy. They no longer need to carry cloth bags, leather bags or basket bags with them when go shopping. Obviously it is very convenient for plastic bags to be used in people’s everyday life. They are also very cheap. They are usually offered free of charge.


  However, plastic bags also bring us side effects. Some people throw away plastic bags causally. This causes the white pollution to our environment , which is very harmful because plastic bags can not disappear by natural decomposition. This is certainly not beneficial to our future.


  People have to be careful with the use of plastic bags. They should make sure they put the used plastic bags into the dustbin when they want to dispose of them. It also might be better for people to use the traditional cloth bags to hold the goods they buy instead of using plastic bags.


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