n. 值;价值;价格;重要性;确切涵义
vt. 评价;重视;估价

Usually I don't spare time for exercise, but I value the physical education class at school.
来自:工作与游戏 Work and Play

And you who read are the final judge of the value to you of the book you are reading.
来自:为高兴阅读Reading for Pleasure

But once you own a home, you make it beautiful and keep it clean because it has greater value to you.

Referring to the value of society, we automatically think of work and creation.
来自:工作和家庭谁更重要career and family which is more important

One's career is the reflection of his talent and value which he offers society.
来自:关于家庭,朋友,事业的英语作文Family, Friends, Career

Do you value more having more Internet time or having a pleasant place to live?
来自:To break bad habits 如何改掉坏习惯

In 1997, the money value of global electronic commerce transactions is US$ 2.6billion.
来自:电子商务的发展 Booming Electronic Commerce

The companies should value the students, talent and knowledge while the latter should not merely aim at material gains.
来自:大学生就业问题之我见 My View on Employment Problems of College Students

As far as I am concern, to learn more knowledge is a good thing, but we should take our actual situation into consideration so that we can achieve our value much better.
在我 看来,学习更多知识是件好事,但是我们应该考虑到实际情况,这样我们才能更好地实现我们的价值。
来自:研究生求学狂潮的原因 The Reasons for the Craze of Pursuing Graduate Studies

Rather, what I value about most is the care and love they show to me.
来自:感恩父母 Be Grateful to Our Parents

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