n. 贡献;捐献;投稿

If you are doing what you love, with people that you care about, and making a meaningful contribution to the world, you will not only be happy, but you will be successful.
来自:2011年12月英语六级作文范文-通往成功的道路The Way to Success

I believe that individual contribution to the environment will build a more beautiful world.
来自:为保护环境献力 Do Something for Protecting Our Environment

More and more people make contribution to stop the global warming.
来自:低碳生活 Low Carbon Life

The positive social effects of bookstores as well as their contribution to society can never be taken for granted and be judged by their economic returns and business earnings.
来自:书店—文化生活的钥匙 Bookstores, Key to Cultural Life

Her insistence tells me that keeping positive and optimistic would make a great contribution to achieve dream.
来自:保持积极乐观 Keep Positive and Optimistic

Besides, it has made some contribution to develop economy and provided an opportunity for people to get along with each other.
来自:万圣节 Halloween

Furthermore, online shopping has made a great contribution to the development of express delivery industry.
来自:网上购物 Online Shopping

In addition, they argue that getting married can meet the biological and emotional needs and that will make great contribution to study.
来自:大学生应不应该允许结婚? Whether College Students Should Be Allowed to Get Married

In addition, it also makes contribution to narrow our gap in area and culture.
来自:网上交友 Is It Wise To Make Friends Online?

They made lots of contribution to the success of opening the Olympics.
来自:志愿者 Volunteer

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