Li Ying is one of my classmates.We share a bedroom with four others,so we are also roommates.Today is her birthday and it so happened that it is Sunday at the weekend.We decide to hold a party to celebrate Li Ying's birthday in our own bedroom.Since she is the youngest in our room,we all feel responsible to take care of her.We hope that this party can relieve her homesickness.
       We bought some fruit and candy,nineteen small candles,and a cake.At seven in the evening,the party began.We lit the candles and sang "A happy birthday to you" to Li Ying.And then we each gave her a small present.Li Ying looked excited and happy.She blew out the candles,and we tasted the fruit and candy while talking about various funny things we experienced in our childhood at home.At the end of the party we encouraged each other to study even harder and be top students in our class.
      The party was a success,for Li Ying seemed very pleased and looked more confident of herself.Tomorrow she will be nineteen years of age.

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