There is an old saying that no one is perfect, so everyone will make mistakes sometimes, though we want to do our best. When we make mistake, we must say sorry to others, for the purpose of showing our regret, so that they will forgive us and continue to keep in touch with us. Some people think apologizing will lose their faces, so they choose not to say sorry. A wise person will make apologize in a natural way and let the past be past, the good way to apologize can help people feel easy. People can find the chance to apologize when they are having communication, they can make the topic about apologizing and then saying that he is sorry about what he has done, so everything will seem easy. Apologizing will promote people’s communication and keep their friendship. So don’t feel lose face, just admit what you have done wrong.

有一句老话叫“没有人是完美的”,因此每个人都会偶尔犯下错误,虽然我们都想做到最好。当我们犯错误的时候,我们必须和别人道歉,以此来展现我们的悔意,这样人们就会原谅我们,继续和我们保持联系。一些人觉得道歉会让他们丢脸,因此他们选择不道歉。一个明智的人会用自然的方法来道歉,让过去的成为过去,好的道歉方法能让人们感到自在。人们可以在聊天的时候找到道歉的 ,他们可以转到道歉的话题,然后说对自己所造成的伤害表示不好意思,这样一切都会看起来轻松。道歉能促进人们间的交流和保持友谊。所以不要感到丢脸,用于承认自己的错误。

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