Teachers’ Day is on September 10th, on that day, students will buy some gifts for their teachers, for the purpose of showing their gratitude to the teachers. This seems to be a tradition to send gifts to the teachers, but as time goes by, Teachers’ Day seems to be a day that students must buy gifts for their teachers, and the meaning of that day is losing.

The original meaning of Teachers’ Day is to remind people of respecting the teachers. The teacher is a sacred job, they teach so many students, leading the students to be the men that make a contribution to society. It is said that teachers are the garden’s guide, they cultivate future talents. In my heart, I want to be a teacher, for I respect the job so much.

But with the development of society, people start to send gifs to the teachers on that day, so that they can ask the teachers to look after their kids especially. Those parents who don’t send gifts will be left behind by the other parents.

Now the government has announced that since September 3rd, the teachers mustn’t receive the gifts, it can pure the meaning of Teachers’ Day.

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