One day when my friends and I had dinner in a restaurant and one of my friends found that the restaurant’s rule was unacceptable, and that is unallowable for one-off chopsticks. My friend was unsatisfied with that rule because she isn’t convinced of the sterilized situation of the tableware. The manager explained to us that this rule makes a contribution to saving resources and firmly promised the tableware had been washed out and sterilized. 
This event reminded me of the controversial issue of the usage of one-off chopsticks. As far as I’m concerned, it is a waste of behavior to make extensive use of disposable chopsticks. And this waste behavior even leads to the reduction of trees. In addition, it is said that many workshops on disposable chopsticks have problems with sanitation. 
There is good news that the government is spreading the policy of supporting disinfection tableware now.
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