The unforgettable birthday party for me is not one of my birthdays, it is my grandfather’s. My uncle who is the young brother of my mom, held such a big party that all the relatives and friends of his family could get together and enjoy that wonderful time. You can imagine how touching my grandfather was on that day. Grandpa loves a big lively party.
That big party began at noon but many neighbors had gone to my uncle’s house to do their help in the morning. This case was told to me by my grandmother, and she said excitedly that it was really funny to see grandpa laughing all the time. In the afternoon, more people came with many presents for visiting grandpa. Now I can still remember that the house flowed with music, people’s loud laughter, and talking voices. My grandpa said that it was his 60th birthday and this day is the best of his life, and I said I was happy about that but I felt sorry for not preparing a gift by myself. However, he told me that my coming was the best gift. My grandpa is a warm and generous one, isn’t he?
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