As we all know, when it’s cold, the birds fly to the south; and when it turns warm, they come back. People can see a variety of birds in some southern cities. Nanning is a southern city and also the capital city of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and called the “green city”. Every year, in March many keen photographers come to Nanning for taking photos of the birds. These photographers said they found many rare and beautiful birds showing up in the parks, schools, and even the streets there; it is quite a paradise for the birds. The citizens think that the environment that is being improved keeps the birds. And the local government has established a loving bird festival, which is proposed in March and lasts for a week.
众所周知,天气变冷时,鸟儿们就飞往南方;天气变暖时,它们又迁回去。显而易见地在南方地区可以看到各种各样的鸟儿。南宁是南方的一个城市,也是广西壮族自治区的首府城市, 也被称作“绿城”。每年三月份许多的摄影爱好者都会来到这座城市拍摄鸟儿。据这些摄影爱好者说,在南宁的公园、学校以及街道上他们发现了许多罕见又漂亮的鸟类的身影,他们还说这里真是鸟儿的乐园。当地市民也认为我们的环境正在改善,这才把鸟儿留住了。当地的政府还建立了一个爱鸟节,定在三月里,节日持续一周。
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