Recently, a TV show is very popular, people talk about it everywhere, the show called Where Are You Going, Dad, the fathers and their children bring great amusement to the audience. In the heat of the show, the dads and their babies are welcomed by the audience, a man named Zhang Liang, his personality makes him popular, from him, we see the charm of personality.

In general, when people judge a person, the outlook occupies a great position, it has been admitted that a man with a perfect outlook will impress people and earns praise. While in the show, Zhang is homely look, he is famous on the model stage, but he is not in Chinese traditional nice outlook. He is a sociable, considerate man, and what’s more, he can cook a lot of food. These personalities make him welcome, the audience speaks highly of him, they say Zhang is a good husband and father.



Zhang is not good-looking, but he conquers the audience with his personality, his charm makes him shinning. The outlook is not the thing that judges a person, only the personality helps them shine.



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