Books seem to be part of our lives, everyone has access to all kinds of books, and since we go to school, we are forced to read books. But some people, like to read books, they take it as amusement, and they gain a lot of fun with books. Though people read books, not everyone knows the right way to keep good behavior of reading. No matter what they read, it is important to keep a good habit, first, people could make quit reading, scanning the line, and then they will have the main idea of the book. Second, reading the book in detail, people need to pay attention to the details, closing reading helps them learn the value of the book, and they can close to what the author wants to say. Third, check out other people’s opinions about the book. If people communicate with the
book, they can gain more. These are important to read books.

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读书的好处 The benefits of reading