With the rapid development and the overpopulated in this society, more and more people rushing into the big cities for personal development. So, the housing problems in the big cities is becoming more and more serious.

In my humble opinion, there are several ways to slove this problems. First of all, we can expend the cities, and build more apartment in the country. The fresh air and clean water will attract young people to live there. What’ more, the housing price will be lower than the big cities. Second, the government should control the price of the house. If the house is too expensive, many people may not be able to afford a house on their own. The government should build some cheap apartment for the poor, the young people. Last but not least, we should have more skyscapes, the land is limited, we need more space to support people to have a good living condition.
A good living condition is the key to social stability. if our country have enough houses, the pressure can be relieved to some degree. And our people can live a better environment.
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