Emotions can control our behavior throughout the day. If we are happy, we will be very motivated to do anything, but if we are depressed, we will lose interest in anything interesting.



Today, I went to the park to play with my best friend. I met his best friend by chance. Afterwards, the fun process made my happy mood become depressed. Because of my introverted personality, I would be very timid in the face of strangers. The appearance of my friends' friends suddenly made me lose the interest to have fun, but they had a good time. I felt like an outsider, which made me feel very depressed.


Emotions play such a big role, how can we control our emotions? When I told my mother about it, she said to me, "No matter what the situation is, happy mood must be the right one. If you feel depressed, then change the direction and don't wronged yourself." Later I realized that my mother meant a different way of thinking.


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情感 Emotion