"An idle youth, an idle youth, an idle youth," is an epigram that reminds us to strive hard in our youth, cherish our time, and keep pursuing our goals and dreams.



When we are young, our body and mind are at their peak. If we do not make full use of this time to work and study hard, we will feel regret and regret when we are old. Because of the effort in youth, we can enjoy the foundation of happiness and ease in old age.



When we are young, we should set up a correct outlook on life and values and strive to pursue our dreams and goals. Whether in study, work, or life, we should take the initiative to explore, try and create, and constantly expand our vision and ability.



At the same time, we should also pay attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, reasonable arrangements of time and energy, do not waste our own time and resources. Only in this way can we lay a solid foundation for our old age when we are young so that we will not feel regret and sorrow when we are old, but enjoy the fruits of hard work and a happy life.


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