On March 1st,2014, a great attack happened in Kunming, about ten guys from Sinkiang showed up inKunming train station, they took out prepared knifves, hurting people who were just walking around them. This accident is a great tragedy, people are shocked by what the gangsters did, it just happened so suddenly. This accident reminds people of how to protect themselves when attack happens. First, just to run. When we meet the gangster, the first thing is to run, the fast, the better, until you are far away from them. Second, if you don’t have enough time to run, then find a place to hind quickly. The place should be near you, having something to cover, don’t be afraid of the dirty environment, just to hind. Third, if you are caught by the gangsters, don’t fight with them, do as what they told you, only this will you have a chance to get away from them.

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