Everyone will meet difficulties. And some people can overcome it, but some couldn’t. I think it is not about ability, but faith and love. In my mind, faith and love are the keys to overcoming difficulty. When you meet a difficulty, you need to have faith that you can overcome it at last, and then you can carry on to make it done. Then love is another important factor. Love is the best thing to support you when you are in trouble. Try to imagine that there are always some people standing behind your back to believing you, and support you, you must have more courage to overcome the difficulty you meet. This is why I say faith and love are the keys to overcoming difficulty.


I once remembered that I participated in the 5km marathon organized by the school. At first, I was full of confidence, but I was a little exhausted before running half of it. The rapid heartbeat and deep breath made me want to flee...... However, when I saw my classmates and friends running with me outside the track, I felt the bond of the team, the responsibility and mission on my body, and finally finished the 5km race within the prescribed time with this belief.



In the end, the best way to solve difficulties is faith and love, which brings out the potential in us and inspires the power to overcome difficulties.


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