Every day, people have lots of waste to throw away. Such as used handkerchiefs, plastic bags, boxes, bottles and so on. I cannot imagine how much waste is thrown away every day all over the world.There are 4 sorts of waste. They are material waste, organic waste, inorganic waste and poisonous & harmful waste.Material waste can be recycled and reused. Such as metal, paper, glass, plastics and rubber. Old papers can be recycled. The ink is taken out by a special technique and new paper is made. Empty glass bottles are collected and the glass is broken and reused for new bottles.Organic waste is from all living things and kitchens, such as leftover food, unfresh vegetables and so on. They can be reused as well. They can make crops grow better. And this kind of crops is called “green crops”. They are safe to eat and are considered as “healthy food”.Inorganic waste such as building waste, broken pottery and china and cinder cannot be reused. But this kind of waste is becoming more and more day by day. So if they are not treated correctly, they will cause serious problems.The last is poisonous & harmful waste. Batteries, medical waste, electrical waste and old electrical apparatus all belong to poisonous and harmful waste. They are dangerous to us. Some dangerous waste can be put into metal containers and thrown into the deep sea. It will be many years before the chemicals start to escape from the containers. At the bottom of the ocean there is very little life and movement of water. All radioactive waste must be stored on land.That’s to say, if waste is collected, sorted, recycled and reused, it will save a lot of natural resources and energy. Waste is a resource at a wrong place, depending on how people treat it.As for me, I’ll do whatever I can to help. First, I’ll throw away waste at the right place. Second, I’ll use materials that may be recycled and refuse to use materials causing “white pollution”. Third, I’ll sell the old papers and glass bottles to the Recycle Station. If everyone gives a hand, waste will be resources at the right place!Hand in hand, let’s build a beautiful planet!
        每 天,人们有很多的垃圾扔掉。所用的手帕这样, 塑料袋,盒,瓶子等。我无法想象有多少废物扔掉各地world.There每天都 4废物种类。这些材料废物,有机废物,无机废物,有毒和有害废物可以waste.Material 回收循环再用。如金属,纸张,玻璃,塑料和橡胶。旧报纸可以回收。墨水可以用一种特殊的技术提炼出来,这样就可以造出新纸。空玻璃瓶收集和玻璃被打破,新的重用 bottles.Organic废物从万物和厨房,如剩余食品,unfresh蔬菜等。他们可以 再用也。他们可以使作物长得好些。而这种作物的一种被称为“绿色作物”。他们是可以安全食用 和被视为“健康食品”。无机废物,如建筑废料,碎陶器,瓷器和煤渣不能 重用。但是,这种废物一种是越来越与日俱增。因此,如果他们不正确治疗,将导致 严重problems.The最后是有毒和有害废物。电池,医疗废物,废旧电子电器 仪器都属于有毒,有害废物。他们是危险给我们。有些危险废物可以被放入金属 集装箱和进深海异常。这将是很多年的化学品开始摆脱容器。在 在大洋底部很少有生命和水的运动。所有放射性废物必须存储在land.That氏 也就是说,如果垃圾收集,分类,回收和再利用,将节省自然资源和精力。废物是 资源在错误的地方,这取决于人们如何对待我it.As,我会尽我所能来帮助。首先,我将投 离开废物在正确的地方。第二,我将使用可再生,并拒绝使用的材料造成的“白色物质 污染“。第三,我就卖旧报纸和玻璃瓶的回收站。如果每个人都给出了手,浪费会 将资源在正确的地方!手牵着手,让我们建设一个美丽的地球!
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