The person I admire most once was my lei Feng. I was moved by his readiness to help others, and the spirit of selfless dedication. And now, the person I admire most is Peng Liyuan. At first I know her as a famous folk singer. She has a lot of works, mostly are widely known. Among them I like”On The Hopeful Field”  the most. She is loved by people. She is the the general political department song and dance troupe head of Chinese people's Liberation Army, national level actors, civilian cadres of the people's Liberation Army, and part-time professor of Peking university. Now she has another title, our president Xi Jinping's wife, first lady of our country. She is such an excellent person! She has earned a lot of glory for Chinese women, setting a great example for our female. How can I don’t admire such a person?

我曾经最敬佩的人是雷锋,我为他乐于助人、无私奉献的精神而感动。 而现在,我最敬佩的人是彭丽媛。我一开始所认识的她是一名有名的名族声乐歌手。 她有很多作品,大部分都是家喻户晓的。其中我最喜欢的是《在希望的田野上》。 她深受人们的喜爱。她现任中国人民解放军总政治部歌舞团团长,国家一级演员,解放军文职干部,北京大学兼职教授。 现在她还有另外一个头衔,我们国家主席习近平的妻子,我们国家的第一夫人。她是多么优秀的一个人啊,为我国女性挣了不少光彩,为我们广大女性立了一个好榜样。你说,这样的人我能不敬佩她吗?

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