According to the variety of social background, personal experience and personal emotion, differernt people have different opinions towards things. Thus, there is no doubt that generation gap exists everywhere. We always find that there are big differences between us and the old generation. We always regard the old are outdated, while they think us are crazy. They can’t bear the dress we like, the fashion we pursue or even our childish thinking. Instead, we could put up with their standpat thingking and their “feudal rulers”. Thus, the generation gap becomes more and more obvious and serious. However, why don’t we realize that opinions can be changed, while people can’t. So, we can think in an other way, learn to accept. It is certain that we can narrow the generation gap to live a more harmonious life.

由于社会背景,个人的经历和个人情感的不同,不同的人对事情有不同的看法。因此,毫无疑问代沟随处可见。 我们总是发现我们和老一代之间有很大的差异。我们总是认为他们思想守旧,而他们却觉得我们疯狂。他们不能忍受我们喜欢的衣服,我们追求的时尚甚至是我们幼稚的思维方式。相反,我们觉得他们思想保守,“封建专制”。因此,代沟越来越明显和严重。但是,为什么我们没有意识到想法是可以改变的,而人却是不可以的。所以,我们可以尝试换位思考,学会去接受。可以肯定的是,我们可以缩小代沟过上更和谐的生活。

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