There are four seasons in the year. They’re spring, summer, autumn and winter.


Spring is warm and sunny. In spring days, everything in our nature is green, so we can go out to release ourselves and breathe the fresh air. I think it's a good way to enjoy our beautiful nature.


Summer is hot and rainy, but summer is the best season for entertainment, because we can go swimming in the sea and enjoy the beautiful sunshine on the beach. It must be very interesting.


Autumn is very cool and comfortable, and it is also the best season for harvest. In autumn days, the farmers are busy in their fields. If we had a chance, we could go to the countryside and pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables.


Winter is very cold and freezing. In winter, our world is covered with white snow, so we can either make snowmen or fight with snow. And we can also enjoy the beautiful ice lanterns in Harbin. But I prefer to go to Sanya during that time. As it's on Hainan Island, the weather is always so temperate. Even in December, I can still enjoy the green palm trees, the beautiful sea, the sunny beach and the blue sky. Maybe I can find endless pleasure there.


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