I’m looking forward to the coming of my winter holiday. In order to have a good time in the vacation, I have made a plan for it. At first, my mother must ask me to do homework. If I don’t follow her words, I wouldn’t have peace in the following days until I finish my homework. So the first thing I will do in the winter holiday is to finish my homework. And then I will take full use of my time to go out play with my friends, because I will have to help my mother to prepare for the Spring Festival when it’s in the corner. Three days before Spring Festival, I will go to my grandmother’s home for a visit with my parents. After the Spring Festival I am going to travel with my family. As for where to go, I don’t have any plan now. Maybe we  will go to Harbin to the snow. Being the southern local person, I have never seen snow and eager to see it once. After the trip, I think I have to go back to school. This is  my plan for the coming winter vacation. What’s yours?

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