My winter holiday is coming to the end. It almost lasts a month, but I feel that I just have a week off. How time flies. I had a woderful vacation. Or I can say I had a wonderful Spring Festival. The first day of my vacation, I started doing my homework. Because I know if I didn’t work on my study now, I couldn’ t have a great Spring Festival later on. So I made up my mind finishing my homework before Spring Festival. How wonderful the expected festival was coming. My house was full of laugh and hapiness. My families and ralatives gave me some luck money and wished me make progress on my study. We also hanged out with friends on the street. When the atmosphere of Spring Festivel was fading away, the Lantern Festival is coming. After that, I think I don’t have too much holiday time left. Two or three days later, I would go to school for my new term study. See, I was so happy that I feel I just have a week holiday.


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