Many people like traveling by plane, but I don’t like it because an airport is usually far from the city. I have to get there early and wait for hours for the plane to take off and it is often late. During the flight, the window can’t be opened. Besides, the food on the plane is not good. Planes are fast, but they still take hours to go out of the airport and into the city.

I like traveling by train. I think trains are safe. Railway stations are usually in cities. If I am late for the train, I still could catch another one. I can walk around in the train and open the windows. I can see many interesting things on the way.

I also like cars. I can start your journey whenever I want to, and I don’t need to get to a railway station or bus stop. Also I can carry many things with in a car. But sometimes there are too many cars on the road.

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