Nowadays,more and more families choose to send their children to school and pick them up after school .Almost everywhere in China you can see the phenomenon: parents are waiting anxiously for their children out of the school, so many people and vehicles are crowded at the gate of school just like a market .It is a "Chinese style "educational phenomenon. Different people express their opinions:


Some people think it is necessary to do so .The reasons are the following :First , the safety is the priority of children .More and more vehicles are on the roads and more traffic accidents happen around us .Besides, most families have only one child ,who depends more on their parents since born. It is not easy for them to break away from the families and become independent .What's more, many parents are worried about their children becoming "bad" since they may make bad friends or go to the internet cafe on the way to school.


However, others hold the opposite view that sending and picking up children can cause some problems .More population and traffic vehicles gathering at the gate of school will cause heavy traffic jams ,causing some new traffic accidents .In addition ,it is a waste of labor power. Some young parents give up their jobs to care for their children .What's worse, it is hard for children to form independent characters since children depend on their families in daily life.


As far as I'm concerned, solving the problems depends on the joint efforts of the whole society. To begin with, more schools should be built for the children who live far away from their current schools. Besides, related government departments take urgent and effective measures to preserve the social environment, making it more safe and civilized. Last, more people are supposed to obey traffic regulations and laws and at the same time to encourage their children to be independent .Only by the joint efforts of the whole society can we solve the "Chinese style "educational phenomenon.


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