A HONG KONG boy has published an English novel of some 50,000 words. The novel was included in Hong Kong’s book exhibition, Xinhua News Agency reported Thursday. Xinhua said the boy, Li Yupeng, 11, finished the science fiction, The Four Phoenixes, in one year. Some 1,000 copies of the book were printed and 200 copies had been sold — to the boy’s schoolmates. The boy’s father published the book at a cost of HK$30,000 (US$3,846), as a gift for the boy’s graduation from primary school. The book was about a hero’s adventure in the “Dark Age.” The hero, Koba, took four “Phoenix swords” in the “Dark Age” to assassinate a warlord named Scaren, Li said. Li began reading English cartoons at the age of six and had read nearly 500 English books, said his mother. He took only five hours to finish reading a Harry Potter novel which had more than 600 pages一个香港男孩已出版了约50,000字英文小说。小说 在香港书展包括,新华社今天报道的。新华社说,男童,黎吁棚,11, 完成科幻小说,在四凤,在一年。有些书1000份印制了200份 出售 - 男孩的同学。这名男孩的父亲在发表以港币一本书的$ 30,000(约合三点八四六美元),作为礼物 男孩的小学毕业。这本书是一个英雄的在“黑暗时代的冒险。”英雄,科巴,采取 四个“凤凰剑在”黑暗时代“刺杀名为Scaren,李一军阀”之称。李开始读英文漫画 在6岁和阅读了近500本英文书,说他的母亲。他只用了5个小时才能读完一哈里 哈利波特小说其中有600多页
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