With the advance of science television has played a vital part in the day-to- day life of the people in developed or developing countries and its influence is simply astounding when I was young my family did not own a television set; so whenever we were free my younger sister and I would slip to a neighbor's where to watch their TV awhile Al though TV programs in those days were generally inferior we still had a good time for as young and indiscriminate children we were interested only in novelty and excitement Not until my family had bought a television set did I quit the habit of fooling around with my younger sister then this wonder of scientific wonders did do us a great service we now had more chances to chat with each other in front of the box I hope our television companies will keep on upgrading their programs so that the viewers can be benefited both morally and intellectually I t is our conviction hat television in addition its entertaining aspect should be educational as well.
        Many people think that TV can't teach you anything and most TV programs are just silly. True, there are a lot of shows that are anything but good. But if you watch, you will find that TV is still a powerful educational tool. With the emergence of the public TV in our country we now have more helpings of food for the mind. Take the travelogue "the world we live in" it provides us not only with vicarious travel experience but also with the histories and cultures of various nations. Spec live, what they wear and how they talk even though I can’t afford to travel to those countries. My family often sit together to watch a program and discuss it afterward. Sometimes my parents ask us what we would do in a similar situation and this gives us the opportunity to rethink. We should not forget that TV can be an excellent teacher. In this era of mass media we believe that TV, if guided into the right channel, can really fire our imagination and contribute to family cohesion.
        Whatever people may say to the contrary, I have on use for TV. I know there are many people who go along with me, even though they seem to be willing to fall under the spell of the box every time they turn it on. What a waste of time! Let me count the ways TV plays havoc among the members of my family who are all bitten by the TV bug. First, we keep our eyes on the TV screen, forgetting what are in the dishes at suppertime. Second, on occasion we quarrel like anything with one another over which program to watch. Third, as long term faithful TV viewers we all wear glasses—a sad phenomenon for which we alone are responsible. Fourth, sometimes, misdirected by what we see on TV, we lose our sense and go against our parents' wishes. These are the things I hold against TV, and there are many others;. In fine, TV does d9isturb the peace of my family and for the sake of my family I really wish my mother could throw away that damned thing wrongly dubbed "the greatest invention of the twentieth century." #p#分页标题#e#
        With the rapid progress made in mass media the television set has become one of the most important appliances in a home and there is every indication that TV is playing an increasingly important role in our daily life. TV can provide us with he quickest and most convincing information. We can stay at home and know what is happening around us or hundred miles away. Watching TV programs has become one of the major activities in many homes today. A wide range of TV programs can cater to different tastes. My folks always sit side by side after supper in the living room to watch evening news and, while listening to the newscaster, air their own views. In addition to news programs, my family are also aficionados of sports programs. When a sports program is due on the air, we would prepare some refreshments and drinks and when it really appeared on he screen we would watch it with rapt attention like a group of crazies. If a team representing our country scored or missed, father or brother would get excited and yell and sometimes the dog next door would bark after them. On such occasions I think commercials are not made to appear for nothing for, among other things, they do serve as a tranquilizer when TV watchers are beside themselves with excitement. At times a contest was not yet over while mother had already prepared her meal. Mother would wait till the end of the contest if we were not hungry, and then we would begin to dine. TV provides us with not only information but also entertainment and through TV we can also learn a lot about modern life. Incidentally, TV also plays a role in keeping a family together and that is another reason I like it.
随着科学的进步,电视中发挥了重要组成部分 每天到人们的日常生活是发达国家还是发展中国家,其影响力让人吃惊,当我年轻时 我的家庭没有自己的电视机,所以每当我们是免费的我和妹妹,我滑到邻居家在哪里 看着自己的电视一会儿基地在那些日子里,虽然电视节目普遍不如我们仍然有一个为年轻的好时机 我们只有在新鲜和兴奋不感兴趣,直到我的家人买了一台电视机没有滥用儿童 我放弃了在外面混了我妹妹那么这个科学奇迹,我们不知道他做一个伟大的服务,我们的习惯 现在有更多机会互相聊天了在中,我希望我们的电视公司将不断提高方面的其他的 的节目,使观众能够受惠在道义上和理智上,我t是我们的信念,帽子电视 此外它的娱乐性方面应该是教育也。
很多人认为,电视不能教你什么 和大多数的电视节目都是愚蠢的。诚然,有很多的节目是什么,但大有好处。但是如果你看,你会 发现,电视仍然是一个有力的教育工具。随着我国公共电视,我们现在有更多的出现 粮食你们帮助的想法。采取游记“的世界里,我们在”它不仅使我们的生活替代旅行 经验,但也与历史和各民族的文化。规格生活,他们穿什么和如何讲,即使 虽然我不能前往这些国家。我的家人经常坐在一起观看了节目,并讨论 之后。有时,我的父母问我们,我们会做类似的情况,这使我们有机会重新思考。 我们不应该忘记,电视可以是一个优秀的教师。在这个大众传播媒介,我们认为时代,电视,如果引入了 右声道,才能真正火我们的想象力和促进家庭的凝聚力。 #p#分页标题#e#
无论人们会向 相反,我对电视的使用。我知道有很多人谁跟我一起去,虽然他们似乎愿意 属于法术的方块每次打开它。什么是浪费时间!让我来逐一电视剧浩劫中 谁是我的家人都是错误的电视咬伤的成员。首先,我们一直在电视屏幕上我们的眼睛,忘记了是什么 在吃晚饭的菜肴。第二,有时我们吵架彼此喜欢在哪个程序看什么。三, 作为长期忠实的电视观众,我们都戴眼镜,一个可悲的现象,我们完全负责。第四,有时, 对于我们在电视上看到有偏差,我们失去了意义,违背父母的意愿。这一切都是我认为对 电视,还有许多其他的;。在罚款,电视不d9isturb我的家庭和平和我的家人为了我真的希望 我的母亲可以扔掉那该死的东西误称为“二十世纪最伟大的发明。”
随着 的迅速进展,电视机已成为家庭中最重要的设备之一,大众媒体在那里 种种迹象表明,电视是发挥我们的日常生活中越来越重要的作用。电视可以说我们提供最快 最有说服力的信息。我们可以留在家中,知道什么是我们周围发生的事情或几百英里以外。看电视 项目已成为许多家庭的主要活动之一。一个电视节目能广泛满足不同 口味。我父母总是并存后,在客厅看晚饭晚间新闻,虽然听着 新闻广播员,空气自己的看法。除了新闻节目,我的家庭也是体育节目爱好者。当 体育节目是在由于飞机在飞行,我们会准备一些点心和饮料,当他真的在屏幕上,我们似乎 会看的像一个疯子组凝神它。如果一支球队代表我国取得或遗漏,父亲或 弟弟兴奋和呼喊,有时隔壁的狗后,他们将树皮。在这些场合,我觉得 广告是没有什么出庭,除其他外,他们作为镇静剂的时候看电视 忍不住心情激动。在次比赛尚未结束,而母亲已准备饭餐。母亲 要等到比赛结束了,如果我们不挨饿,然后我们将开始吃饭。电视不仅提供了我们 信息,而且还通过电视娱乐和我们也可以学到很多关于现代生活。顺便说一句,电视也发挥了 角色保持家庭在一起,另一个原因就是我喜欢它。
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