Parents love their children by nature, where Chinese mothers and fathers are no exceptions. Chinese parents tend to dote on their children because each family is allowed to have only one kid due to birth control. They place too much hope on the treasured child that if he wants the star, they might even climb to pick it. For self-centered, the spoiled children depend on their parents for everything. As a result, once confronted with harsh reality, they are more likely to yield to hardships and difficulties in life.
       父母的爱的本质 ,在中国的母亲和父亲也不例外子女。中国父母往往对子女的宠爱,因为每个家庭只允许有一个孩子因节育。他们放置在珍惜的孩子,如果他 希望明星太大的希望,他们甚至可能攀升至选择它。对于以自我为中心,是被宠坏的孩子对一切都取决于他们的父母。因此,一旦与严酷的现 实面前,他们更可能产生的困难,在生活困难。
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